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Kun Wei is a community of experienced professionals who are able to pick up your cross-border legal, compliance, trade and licensing matters in a swift manner, so that you may run and grow  overseas business smoothly without having to wait for the lengthy process of setting up your local presences in targeted markets (click to know more)

When you wish to expand your business overseas, you will need a team of experienced people who are aware of the local rules and cultures. Collaborating a community of senior experts with over 10 to 30 years’ experience in leading international firms, Kun Wei supplies you with necessary talents and insights in a timely manner.

Kun Wei and our experienced advisors offer the following services: (click to see details):

  • intellectual property and data privacy

  • corporate governance and listing rules

  • selection and management of external counsels across the Asia Pacific

  • obtaining government license and communication with authorities

  • tax planning

  • commercial negotiation and due diligence

  • staff training in the above areas


11/F Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay

Hong Kong


You may also livechat with us by clicking the botton below.

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