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In ancient Chinese-language, "Kun Wei" means "far-reach". It is used to describe a wide vision that can reach every corner of the universe.

Kun Wei is a community of senior professionals trained in various leading multinational companies and firms. Through collaborating knowledge and insights of these advisors in an innovative manner, Kun Wei provides you with "outsourced in-house management" solutions for your overseas legal, compliance, investment and trade matters. Through the Kun Wei platform, you can access high-quality consultancy that is traditionally only available to large companies.

We share the same goals with you. Namely, we aim at: 

  • saving time in starting operation and entering new markets

  • saving and reducing, if not eliminating, your costs in trial-and-error

  • bridging the gaps between you and local counsels, and control their budget

  • preventing legal, compliance and geopolitical risks from disrupting your business

Members of the Kun Wei community have wide exposures in Asia, Europe and North America.  They have worked with top international law/consulting firms, investment banks or leading unicorns. Their experience comes from practice (click to see their bios). To ensure that all our members are qualified and experienced, the following criteria on the membership eligibility apply to members of the Kun Wei community:

  • possessed over 10 years post-qualification experience in their respective speciality

  • accomplished more than 10 projects in a particular speciality

  • worked extensively for clients from more than 2 countries other than their home country ​​

  • most importantly, diligent and trustworthy

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